Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder which NoSQL database is suitable so far?

My recent article on YCSB …

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NoSQL databases have no longer become an unknown database paradigm, since it has been almost a decade or two after its introduction in the market. Some of the most popular NoSQL databases include MongoDB, CouchDB, Voldemort, Cassandra etc. The use of these databases in the industry, mainly due to their elastic nature and simplified application development, is spreading like a viral disease these days. Everyone tries to use them in their applications, most probably because of their open source nature. But the question arises “Is every NoSQL databases fit for every kind of purpose?” Well, certainly not, partially because all of these databases have different features and schema definitions and partially because there is no single proper way to compare performance of these databases. “So how someone can compare what kind of NoSQL is suitable for their workload?” This is definitely a question to ponder upon.


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